To Love God Deeply Through Knowing Him

To Anyone Else Who Has Said “I love you” Too Soon

Have you ever said, “I love you,” then come to regret it?

Have you ever said it, fully meaning it, and then watch the relationship dissolve (or explode), feeling like it may have never meant anything at all?

I know I have. And I know I’m not the only one who has.

I know this because I see it, and you probably do to, all over Facebook, Instagram, college coffee shops, and the rest. Everyone likes to make a joke out of the couples who started dating last Thursday and are already confessing their deep love for each other every chance they get. (If that’s you, don’t feel too bad. It took me 3 days once.)

But right now, I want to speak to those of you who are like me; the one’s who have said it and have had it said to you, only to have that word add to the pain of the relationship breaking off. 

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The Painful Gift of Inadequacy

Over the course of the last year, I found myself rather consistently in the same situation. Whether it was things I had committed to or things I could have foreseen, I regularly found myself in places where anything I had to offer was so drastically less than what needed for the situation. It was overwhelming one day, discouraging the next, bringing a variety of struggles and frustrations with each new place where my inadequacy was put on display.

Each situation revealed a new sort of inadequacy. Some days, I just didn’t have enough hours in the day to do everything that needed to be done. Other days, I might have had the time, but I was straight out of energy (usually social energy… shout out to my introverts in ministry). Some days, I was just entirely lacking motivation, and discipline that kept my world steady and manageable started to falter.

In short, whether it was my job, my ministries, or my school, it became a very regular occurrence that I was laughably inadequate to meet every request and requirement asked of me. Continue reading “The Painful Gift of Inadequacy”

No Cost Too Great

“Who do you say I am?”

When it comes to matters faith, this is the do-or-die question upon which all things rest. When you put your faith in someone, having the right answer to this question is indispensable. Unless you know the person’s character and capability, how can you know if your faith will lead you where you need to go? The strength and legitimacy of our faith will always rest on the answer to this question.

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Defining and Defending Beauty


The idea of beauty has been abused and degraded as severely as its sisters truth and goodness in the post-modern era. Beauty, like its sisters, has fallen prey to socially constructed economy of meaning prevalent in post-modern thought.

This is for this reason that the same word that some may use to describe Handel’s Messiah is thrown around during exciting sports plays and lewd, lustful remarks towards shameless sex icons.

This desecration of beauty in the mind of man rests on the foundational fault of postmodernism: man has celebrated his own limited reasoning over the immovable reality of God’s truth.

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Letting Go of Your Sword – Learning to Live Vulnerably



This morning, the Bible study I attend continued its journey through II Samuel. Today, we discussed the Mighty Men of David. One fellow in particular caught my attention.

Flip with me to the tale of Eleazar, the Mighty Man of David.

“And next to him among the three mighty men was Eleazar . . . He was with David when they defied the Philistines who were gathered there for battle, and the men of Israel withdrew. He rose and struck down the Philistines until his hand was weary, and his hand clung to the sword. And the Lord brought about a great victory that day, and the men returned after him only to strip the slain.”

II Samuel 23:9-10

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The Fear of Theology – Pt. 2



So here’s the follow up to my last post, Fear of Theology Pt. 1.

In the last one, I talked about how the prideful intellectualism of many modern day “theologians” has created a bit of a stench surrounding theology, and how despite that, we should not abandon our passionate pursuit of God through his Word.

Now, for those who have felt pushed away by the conflicts arising in prideful theological discussions, with this post, I wish to encourage you to return with a fresh and encouraging perspective to the treasure hunt that is theology.

To many people, including myself, such vicious, competitive discussions sound more or less like nails on a chalkboard. No one seems to “win”. And what do people do when nails are drug across a chalkboard? They cover their ears intently, and many will leave the room all together.

So when we shut our ears to the mishandled discussion of Scripture and theology, what do we replace it with?

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The Fear of Theology – Pt. 1


Theology has become a scary topic in many Christian circles. Many, tired of seeing the Church’s unity shattered by the sheer mention of words and phrases like “predestination” or “women in ministry”, have simply shied away from the topics altogether.

Because which is more important? Preserving unity or correct theology?

And that is where the Church has so frequently gone wrong. There should be no choice “between” the two. Many choose one or the other as more important, but there is a way that the two can coexist. Continue reading “The Fear of Theology – Pt. 1”

Life Without Roots

3020665-poster-p-1-a-black-media-brand-relaunches-while-sticking-to-its-roots 2

In a world where physical, financial, social (etc.) appearance is the currency of worth, the necessity of one’s roots has fallen to the shadows. In a social forest full of trees, people compete to see who can have the greenest leaves and the most abundant fruit . . . to the point it becomes idolatry.

Born out of this obsession for a thriving appearance, the effort and diligence required for deeply rooted character has been redirected; instead of digging into the ground, we reach for the sky like buildings with no foundations.

After all, the only thing people will see is what’s above the ground. Right?

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From My Great Grandfather’s Pen – The Need for Faith

This is taken from a sermon my great grandfather penned many years ago on the necessity of mystery, wonder, and faith in the Christian life. This is taken from the portion on faith:

“One path we must travel on our way to God is the path of faith. Faith is not a static thing, something we receive and hold on to the rest of our lives. Faith is an activity which must be worked out, applied in various circumstance of our lives. It is desiring and acting, believing and trusting, trying and testing, and proving as we go through life.maxresdefault 2.jpg

It is living, as the poet said, “a life of faith diversified by doubt.” It is necessary in life and we cannot better ourselves without it. Continue reading “From My Great Grandfather’s Pen – The Need for Faith”

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